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Psychedelic Peace

The Globe  | October 2018

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The first Alternative Miss World of the teens — ‘Neon numbers’ — is a success! As the winner, Miss Zero + (Sasha Frolova) had to compete against seasoned participants such as Andrew’s sister, Janet, who competed in her 13th pageant. Thankfully, Grayson Perry, Angela Flowers, and Daniel Lismore witnessed the nobility of neon.


The year of Jes Benstock’s 2011 documentary, The British Guide to Showing Off! Forever was the theme ‘The elements’ and the hair-raising spectacular that Veronica Thompson aka Miss Fancy Chance showed were saved on film.
Ruby Wax and Ken Russell were in attendance.


The year of the universe was dedicated to Andrew’s parents. Glittering stars such as Amanda Barrie, Patricia Quinn, Julian Clary, Matthew Glamorre, and Michael Kostiff were in attendance.


The winner this year was Russian, Pani Bronua. A woman in her seventies, Bronua excelled at the VOID theme.
In attendance were Janet Turner, Maggi Hambling, and Rajeev Sethi.


Anita Roddick and others witnessed the year the Russians came, led by Andrey Bartenev.


Memorable contestants such as Kinky Gerlinky Cabaret were in attendance, as well as co-host Rula Lenska, Brian Eno, and Nick Rhodes, in 1991. However, this first ever daytime AMW was won by the evermore infamous Burnel Penhaul, “the Transformer” as Miss Gale Force Wind.


With Leigh Bowery, Koo Stark, and John Maybur, this earthy event was a storming success. However, it had a rocky start with the venue being changed at the last minute as the local paper in Chislehurst, Kent, protested against the event being held there, claiming it would “bring AIDS.”


With a Richard Logan waterfall backdrop, the water theme was in full swing. While the winner was a robot by Bruce Lacey, those in the audience were, mostly, human.
In attendance were Billy Connolly and Naim Attallah.


The ‘Imperial fantasy’/’royal imperial’ is the focus of 1981. With Janet Street-Porter and Fran Fullenwider in attendance, the military-themed winner, Miss Aldershot (Michael Haynes), dazzles while accompanied by the Massed Band of the Irish Guards.


With the gorgeous and glamorous Divine and Molly Parkin as co-hosts, the theme for 1978 was ‘Circus’. In attendance were Duggie Fields, Michael Fish, and Joan Bakewell. This is the year AMW goes public with the BBC film ‘I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen’. Said film lands Andrew in court.


In attendance to the crowded event are Zandra Rhodes, Ossie Clark, Angie Bowie, David Bailey, Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry and Little Nell. The first crown is given, made of cardboard and UHU glue, to actor Eric Roberts as Miss Holland Park Walk.


For the first time there is a theme, Wild. In attendance are Fenella Fielding, Malcolm McLaren, and Vivienne Westwood. Former winner Miss Holland Park Walk throws Molly Parkin in the pool.


Downham Road, Hackney
Theme — None
Winner — Patrick Steed as Miss Yorkshire